About WeGen
A Next Generation Energy Business
WeGen is a next generation energy business that uses rapidly-advancing renewable energy, battery storage, and software technologies to develop energy solutions for a range of applications – from homes, schools and small businesses, to large industrial and commercial properties, resorts, and even entire islands.
We believe the dominant mode of power generation – centralized and fossil fuel-reliant – is outmoded and wrong for our planet and society. We want to be at the forefront of a transformation to a smarter, cleaner, fairer and more resilient energy system.
We have the unique ability to aggregate and control energy produced and stored across thousands (and one day, millions) of rooftops and buildings. I.e., the ability to operate a “distributed power plant” where homes and business share in both energy production and consumption. We do this using a unique, proprietary software developed by our software partner, LichtBlick.
Our name – WeGen – reflects our belief in the democratization of energy. “We” – families and businesses – can “Gen”enerate and share all the power we need. We don’t need to be dependent on incumbent energy companies burning coal in massive power plants. We also believe that this represents the next “Gen”eration for the energy industry – a generation that is characterized by shared production and consumption of planet-friendly power.
WeGen’s mission is to empower families and communities with clean, smart, affordable energy - anytime, anywhere.
WeGen Mission WeGen Mission WeGen Mission
This isn’t just a tagline. These numbers are embedded in our business plan, and we are tracking key operational and financial milestones on our way there.
Serve Million Customers
Manage Gigawatts
In Years
Across Countries